Phonics-based educational products for beginning and struggling readers to use in the home and the classroom.

Phonics-based educational products for beginning and struggling readers to use in the home and the classroom.

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Our Story

At ReadingVIPs, we help children succeed by teaching them to become confident readers. We are credentialed teachers who spent years in classrooms, often frustrated because many of our students were failing at reading, in spite of our best efforts to help them succeed. The instructional techniques we learned in our teacher training programs were not helping the students.


The situation can be even more frustrating as a parent. We have spoken with hundreds of parents and homeschoolers who desperately want to help their children become better readers, but they don’t know how. Most of the products available are often too overwhelming and time consuming for parents, boring for kids, and they don’t use evidence-based methods. Unfortunately, these types of products can make both the parents and children feel like failures because they don’t produce results.

We kept hearing the same two questions again and again, from parents and educators alike: 

Why is it so hard to find an effective reading program?

How can I help children become better readers?

ReadingVIPs is our answer to these questions.
Whether you are a parent, a homeschool teacher or an educator, we know you want the best for children. ReadingVIPs products are engaging, easy to use, and evidence-based. Learning to read is one of the most complicated and crucial skills a child will ever learn. With the right tools and support, you can help children become better readers. ReadingVIPs is here to make the process as simple as possible for you!

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Cheryl Brooks, ReadingVIPs owner and founder, worked for 39 years as a kindergarten and elementary public school reading teacher.  Cheryl saw many students struggle with becoming fluent readers, and focused her career on finding effective teaching strategies to help these struggling readers. In the last 10 years of her career she became a Literacy Coach and received her Reading Specialist Credential through UCLA. Trained in the latest research and techniques, Cheryl applied this training in intervention and classroom settings. Cheryl also trained teachers throughout California on evidence-based reading practices. ReadingVIPs represents the fulfillment of her 40 year old dream: to make evidence-based educational products that make learning to read accessible and fun for all children.

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Interview with Cheryl, ReadingVIPs founder.

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Head of Curriculum Development

Alicia Kaye, ReadingVIPs head of curriculum development, has worked in the field of education for over a decade. A credentialed special education teacher, she specializes in teaching students with language-based learning disabilities how to read using effective teaching methods. Alicia also designs and creates curriculum for a wide range of educational programs, including college courses for international students, and individually-based lesson plans for students with learning differences. ReadingVIPs is the perfect combination of her two greatest passions within education: developing curriculum and helping students learn to read.

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